What kind of roofing to choose. All important criteria.

When building a house often the most expensive part is the roof, which, by the way, determines the first impression of the appearance of the house.

In this post we will talk about what kind of roofing to choose and what are the main materials which can be used to cover the roof.

The choice of the roofing material is a very important step in building a house, and an attempt to save on it can lead to a substantial increase in service costs.

The roof is designed to protect the building, so the quality of its installation will have a huge impact on the safety and the service life of the house.

Making the choice of the roof, it must be understood that its construction requires certain skills, because a range of different elements and materials is used in the roof structure:

  • Bridle systems;
  • Lathing;
  • A layer of insulation;
  • Steam and waterproofing;
  • Roofing material;
  • The system of the rainwater escapement;
  • Heating of the roof in winter.

First of all, most developers are interested in the question of how to choose the roofing materials that directly affect both on the reliability and on the attractiveness of the roof, and thus the whole house.

Slate roofing

Thinking about how to build a roof – what to choose, most developers stop on slate surface. Slate, the main component of which is the fiber of asbestos and cement, used in construction for many years.

Currently, it is made using modern technologies, the slate can be of any size and any numbers of waves, color options are available for every taste so it will suit for every design decision. This material also has a rather high life, averaging from 30 to 40 years.

However, this material has some drawbacks:

  • Waterproof indicators are decline over time;
  • Brittle edges of sheets which are easy to cleave and crumble, especially along the sheet;
  • If any area on the roof is always in the shadows, will be the proliferation of lichen and moss;
  • Asbestos is a material which is harmful to human health.

Steel sheets is the most suitable material for your roof. ZIM Group steel roofing in Edmonton is one of the most popular rival of slate for people who are selecting the roof. This material is also very inexpensive, and also it can be used for roofing with complex structures, as well as for such places as overhangs eaves, valleys, wall troughs, downspouts, etc. In modern construction to cover the roofs most commonly used the galvanized steel sheet 0.5 mm thick, both sides of which are covered with corrosion-resistant zinc coating. The service life of the steel roof is from 10 to 20 years.

The positive qualities of the steel roof are:

  • The low cost of the metal sheets;
  • The relative easiness in the process of installation;
  • The ability to cover complex roof structures;
  • Low weight, allowing to carry out to meet the lightweight lathing, which is also reduces the overall cost of construction of the roof.

Faye Bailey, the freelance blogger with the information provided by Zimmetalroofing.ca sheet metal roofing company is telling about two main materials for roofing, compares them and highlights all the benefits of each type.

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