Toilets and Bidets Continue to Get Smarter

If there is a place in the world where toilets and bidets are revered, it is in Japan. In Kobe city, they even have a museum of the toilet that focuses on showing both the evolution of toilets and bidets and the latest technology.

Some of that technology is vital to the future. As time goes on, it has become apparent that the number one reason that California has a water shortage is that they will not adopt International Building Code, which would allow grey water from the shower to be used to flush the toilet, saving millions of gallons of water a year.

Here are some of the changes in technology that are available for your next remodel:

Wall of Wonder: One of the most popular bathroom walls to install as decor in commercial restrooms is actually an aquarium that allows the person sitting on the toilet appreciate exotic species of fish while they are using the restroom. This type of arrangement is especially popular with women.

Built-in Bidet: Although bidets are becoming more popular, if you have an existing bathroom that does not have the extra space to install one, you can look at some of the solutions that are provided by experts like . When you do so, you will find that there are toilets that integrate a bidet’s functionality so that you save space and time. Typically speaking, most bidet functions on a toilet can be accessed from a push button. The bidet itself will then extend itself above the center of the bowl and provide a solid rinse. You can also add a heating or blow dry function.

Stand-alone Bidet: The number one reason for a bidet is that it helps increase cleanliness, which is something that is good for everyone. Stand-alone bidets offer options so that you can use either hot or cold water. When used in conjunction with an instant-on hot water heater, you can ensure warm water year-round without having to wait for it.

Overall, there are more technology and feature options for toilets and bidets than most people are aware of. By relying on websites that offer detailed information, you will end up making a much more informed decision when you are ready to order.

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