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Amid economic conditions are stable until the demolition husband, the cost of building affordable housing in new media seems a perfect dream. But in the eyes of an architect and author of “Dream House Beautiful”, Yu Sing, build something cheap home is not impossible.

For a low-cost housing, Yu Sing GUIDE parts gives a result of the experience Kesawan the design of some affordable housing, already built or under construction, and the design process still Kesawan Yang.

There are at least three parts according to Yu Sing things that must be met for affordable housing that use Power Architecture, Architecture houses ring planning and use of materials.

In the first case, Yu Sing a company still recognizes the block architect alleged ill-trapped. Always assess community services for architects ITU Mahal Architects Without the construction feels cheap.

He stated that the regular does not set the rates high * All Architect. Not a few Architects provides Architectural Services New Home Ready All rates are based on the pockets of new media.

new items using the services of architects, Yu Sing Up, the community can save money because the architect Kesawan can make a ring architecture to help at home, room, materials selection and effective and Yang is valid. Architects use services also help by ensuring that good design Kesawan Anda home.

The second is that planning must be completed ring architecture of the house. The new sections are somewhat different from the design house of budgetary funds in bulk, the low cost housing designs just started a new design of the structure of the media system first, not the architectural design.

“What determines the budget of the ring system is very efficient housing, the ring home because it usually costs about 40-50 percent of the cost keselururuhan,” said Yu Sing.

An example is the plan provided for the roof. For the husband’s name, using fiber-cement roof (no asbestos), for example, much cheaper than the new article “When the tiles BECAUSE regular Kaso unnecessary and ribbons.

Last points Kesawan The Lost without parts to reduce development costs of the architecture of the house and the house is the use of new materials or elements of construction materials prices are relatively cheap. MANY base material or cheap enough, you can explore the manner of its use or installation to form a sense of space is interesting.

For example, red brick once great opportunity for the preparation of the architecture of your home. ordinary demolition can be installed, or are separated so that the red brick walls between the holes, or brick is installed new sections A variation of the composition of brick and brick and a half, and others.

Another example of cheap materials are bamboo. Generally, bamboo is considered as secondary matters, but husband is because the material of popular fiber in the diet could replace steel reinforcement. New Articles Good shelf systems can be an ingredient of bamboo houses that have survived dozens of homes. Besides the ITU, recycled materials can also enjoy the first or the need to reprogram the door jamb or the leaves of demolition.

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