Renovation Consideration

When it comes time to remodel or renovate your home, or simply move into a new home, there’s a lot to do and a lot to consider. After all, our home is an extension of us, and so we want its interior design to reflect that, and that can be tricky. It’s worth it, though, to see your dream home come to life, but you have to start somewhere, and as with many things in life, the hardest part is getting started. Your dream home is likely unique, of course, but there are a few things we all tend to agree on, more or less, so let’s start there. For example, we all want at least one bedroom, probably two or three depending on who else lives with you, and the sizes of each bedroom will vary depending on whether your “room mates” are in fact your contemporaries or your children. A similar logic can be applied to the question of restrooms. While one is often enough for even the largest of households, an extra bathroom couldn’t hurt in such a case. Of courses, all of these points are somewhat universal, but they also share another trait, and that’s that they’re all of a practical nature. That’s about all we agree on, as it were. However, one’s dream home tends to focus more on the subjective and cosmetic, though my wife is very interested in finding the perfect bathtub.

When it comes to the cosmetic side of interior design, there are many schools of thought, so to speak, that you can use to plan your planning, if that makes sense. For instance, decorating your home around a central theme is a great way to focus your efforts to create a cohesive whole. For example, one theme you could use to create your dream home, if you’re into it, is an oceanic theme. First and foremost, an ocean theme starts with a palette of cool colors, such as blues and greens. Examples of good color choices would be seafoam, of course, teal, and turqouise. Then, you would add some thematic decor. Examples of this include seashells, anchors, nautical stars, and, of course, on theme paintings, photos, or posters. However, your theme doesn’t have to encompass your whole home. Instead, you could simply have a themed bedroom or living room, or you could have several rooms each with a different theme.

Another thing to consider when renovating, redecorating, etc. is that some parts of your home can become smaller sub renovation projects of their own. For example, your wardrobe is both a part of your home and also, for lack of a better phrase, its own thing. Therefore, a renovation of your home may call for a renovation not only of closet, etc., but also the clothing inside. After all, renovation your home, or moving into a new home, begins a new chapter of your life and can, and often does, inspire further life changes. Therefore, don’t be afraid to invest in some new threads from Barneys New York to round out your new dream home.

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