Pollination of vegetable crops in greenhouses

With high food prices are today, people look to develop their own food at home and in greenhouses. Greenhouse allow people to grow their own food for a year and save more money. But before you go to buy jumped a greenhouse, you need to know about one thing. In most cases, you will need to pollinate your flowers to vegetables to grow vegetables.
Why do you need for pollination and how do you go about your pollination of vegetables in greenhouses?
Why pollinate
Plant flowers to be pollinated by other flowers such plant to develop fruit. Without pollination, all you get is a beautiful flower that will last a few days and then die. You get a fruit with pollination of vegetables that you want to create for you.
Why do we need for pollination in greenhouses
Most greenhouses are being built today fully enclosed to keep them isolated from the outside environment. This prevents winds blowing from the natural pollen from one flower to another, thus preventing fertilization. It also keeps insects, like bees, pollination of flowers.
So what can you do to ensure that pollinate your vegetables?
You pollinate crops, vegetables
There are several ways you can pollinate your vegetables to help them grow vegetables you want. First you can only grow vegetables, which pollinate themselves as lettuce, peas, beans and snap. But why limit yourself to a few vegetables?
For pollination of other vegetables provide small hole that the bees pollinate the flowers to come. This discovery should be easily sealed to prevent cold air from entering when it gets cold.
The other two methods is to provide a small fan inside the greenhouse, which will allow air to distribute the pollen in the vegetables. Another way to get a small brush and pick up pollen from male flowers and put it on female flowers.
Female flowers of some vegetables can be identified by looking at the back of the flower.

Having a large greenhouse to grow vegetables to save money and have a sense of fresh vegetables. But you’ll need to ensure pollination of some plants. This can be done only with self-pollinating plant, has an artificial air circulation, which allows the bees to access the greenhouse or to use a small paint brush to pollinate itself.

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