Organize Your Small Space in a Snap

Living in a small space comes with lots of challenges. It can be tough to feel at home when you’re lacking the sq footage to comfortably fit your prized possessions, and the space for storage needed to stay well organized. It will require creativity and patience to find the system that will work best for you and your home. But don’t worry- we’ve gathered a lot of our favorite tricks and tips for making the most of your limited space. Read on, and soon you’ll be on the right track to transforming your home from cluttered to cozy!

Get Creative With Storage Space

The most significant challenges faced by people living in small spaces is finding sufficient storage room. Whether you’re lacking cabinet space with the cooking or are struggling to suit all your clothes into that tiny closet, there’s an approach to be found after some ingenuity! Utilizing your walls as extra storage space can be as visually striking as it is helpful. Hang your cookware on a wall next to your stovetop. Alternatively, invest in a hanging pot rack. Mount hooks inside your closet to hangbelts and ties, and coats. Hanging jewelry in your bedroom walls will allow you to show of your baubles while saving space with your drawers. Consider implementing creative, stacking storage options that could double as side tables- a stacked set of vintage suitcases can hold all your out from season clothing and make for the whimsical table perfect for topping off with small lamps and picture frames.

Divide Your Home Into Zones

Studio apartments and also other small, open spaces can seem to be easily cluttered without walls and hallways to divide rooms. Nevertheless, you can still designate the different zones of your home to help with making a functional, flowing space. Easily defined areas will make your property easier to clean, organize, and live within. Hang a decorative curtain to section off your bedroom, or check antique markets for beautiful and practical folding screens. Many are painted with sprawling landscapes and intricate patterns. Alternatively, feature ornate carving. Make a tall bookshelf pull double duty by placing it in between the living and dining areas to separate the two. A little thought and rearranging is all it takes to make the illusion of division and space with your small home.

Use Your Walls


When trying to reduce clutter, begin with looking to your walls. Floating cabinets and shelves can be purposed to create “landing spaces” where you can easily drop your keys, file away your mail, or store bottles and spices in the kitchen. You can also store your CDs, DVDs, and records in units that feature sliding or flip-down doors. Grab your collapsible ladder to hold shelves high in the walls. This can draw the attention up, creating the illusion of higher ceilings along with a significantly roomier space. The 10 foot collapsible ladder from will assist you to reach those high areas, and stores away easily after you’ve finished any project.

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