Mold and Your Basement: Tackling the Problem Head On

There is a musty smell in your basement that, no matter how many times you clean or spray air freshener, always seems to come back. You can keep cleaning all you want, but chances are good that you smell mold – and you need to remove it to protect your health. Guy Solomon and his crew can help you prevent mold all while providing you with the finished basement of your dreams.

How Dangerous Is Mold?

Mold itself is not particularly deadly, but it is toxic, and it can be deadly over time. The more people breathe the spores emitted by mold, the sicker they become. Basements are a prime growth area for mold because they are damp and often protected from sunlight. Some of the symptoms of mold inhalation include headaches, dizziness, neurological problems, and lethargy (fatigue). Children, the elderly, and people who have compromised immune systems are at the highest risk of suffering from these symptoms.

Testing Suspect Areas

First, you need to confirm your suspicions of the existence of mold in your basement. In fact, once you perform these tests, the results will even give you the information you need to go about getting rid of it. Invest in some portable air cleaners and place these in the dampest locations in your basement. This helps to reduce the amount of spores in the air, and thus the number of spores that you and your family inhale. You might also consider installing a dehumidifier in your basement since humidity levels below 50% are not suitable for the growth of mold and dust mites.

When to Call a Professional

If you see visible mold in your basement, especially black mold, then you may want to contact a professional to get rid of it for you. Although it is true that bleach can effectively kill mold and prevent regrowth, the truth is that scrubbing may cause some particles to enter the air and your lungs. Professionals use commercial grade equipment and safety gear, including HEPA filtration, to remove mold and keep it from coming back. This way, when Guy Solomon and his team create a beautiful retreat in your underground space, you don’t have to worry about mold, spores, and dust mites.

Preventing Mold

Guy Solomon can help you prevent mold from occurring with a number of waterproofing techniques, including the installation of dehumidifiers and special waterproof paint and antimicrobial flooring options. Although these things alone cannot prevent moisture and mold, they do go a long way to protect your investment. After all, part of enjoying your new, beautiful living space is the knowledge that you and your family are safe and protected.

Guy Solomon has been finishing and restoring basements exclusively for several years, and he knows that it is possible to transform any space into a beautiful haven for you and your family. Keeping mold at bay is important for your health, and it allows you to enjoy your new living space to the fullest.

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