Modern Kitchen Inspiration

Kitchens today are not simply become just a place for cooking. Moreover, the modern family, kitchen often becomes a place for residents of the house of communication, whether between nuclear families and guests, who were considered his family. Along with limited land, sometimes dapurpun often takes only a “residual space” only. In this article we will discuss how to anticipate modern kitchen with limited space.
Of course, if your room is limited space sekompak makanpun possible as much as possible to the kitchen. In this area, the modern concept is appropriate for you to apply for your place will look clean, tidy and hygienic. In the following example we show a comparison of two modern kitchens. In the example above is the notion of purity and freshness in your kitchen. Color light green (green apple), combined with a fresh and creamy white color gives the impression of a bright neat and clean in the kitchen. For couples, the color is very suitable because it is a dynamic expression of contemporary family life. With this example, you can also compare the composition of the dominant color that best fits your personality.

It should not be left in a clean kitchen exhaust fan to suck smoke from the cooking process. If your budget is limited, make sure the kitchen gets enough air circulation to eliminate the odor in the house. Do not forget, you also need to prepare a basket on the corner of a rather “hidden” to avoid a terrible scene. It would be better if you’re sorting by type of waste such as organic and inorganic waste (paper, glass, metal). You need to take to change old habits again, the original user becomes a dirty kitchen to clean the kitchen users. Get used to clean equipment after use and tidy kitchen in your inbox. Not funny if your kitchen is not very good at design, but dirty and cluttered?

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