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Spring has arrived, and in many areas of the United States, this has been a long, hard winter with individuals limited to going only between home and work. The advent of spring gives an opportunity to get outdoors, open the windows and spruce up the living room, dining room or bedroom. A new living room set, lighter bedroom furniture or even one new chair or sofa can enliven your house for the new season. Maybe it’s time to change the dining room for a more modern look to fit the changing tastes and needs of your family.

The timeless design and quality of Drexel Heritage Furniture can be just the answer to your furniture needs and desires. The Drexel line began in 1903 when they first produced a bed, bureau and washstand — all retailing for $14.50. The furniture was made from native oak with an attractive design.

In the ’30s, Drexel was one of the first furniture companies to emphasize style and design. At first, they focused on reproductions of furniture from the famous English cabinetmakers. French designs influenced some of their most popular items such as the Louis XV-influenced bedroom and dining room group. This furniture led to success as a furniture manufacturer and is even sought after today by collectors.

As the decades went on, the manufacturer changed with current tastes and needs. Drexel responded to World War II with the design of desks and furniture for government housing in Tennessee during the many wartime projects there that continued into the ’50s. They created a custom desk for General Douglas MacArthur that elicited a note of gratitude still found in company archives.

In the ’60s, Italian designs were popular, and Drexel responded with a collection called Esperanto. Then, in the ’70s, the designers recognized how much lifestyle and furniture were connected and began to produce furniture to reflect varying lifestyles, including the needs of comfortable, durable collections for children’s rooms.

Now, in the modern era, the manufacturer produces affordable furniture that is appropriate to your particular lifestyle. Choices are widely diverse to fit the needs of most individuals. Spruce up your home for the new season using furniture that is unique to your tastes and budgets from a manufacturer of lasting popularity that produces quality furniture.

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