Keeping Food Fresher and Safer With These Great Kitchen Tips

“We all know the feeling of craving a certain snack or sandwich and going to the refrigerator and finding that all the ingredients have gone bad. The bread is green and the cheese has unfamiliar (or all too familiar) spots. It’s a real bummer but there are ways of avoiding some of the most common ways that food goes bad, and some of them you may never have thought of. Expand your mind and enjoy these great kitchen tips that may help your food last longer so that you never get that disappointing greeting with the green bread.

Keep Your Bread in the Fridge

A lot of people have a bread basket and keep their bread, and other bread-like products such as Bagels and crackers, in this basket. That’s a great place to keep bread – if you are going to eat in a few days. Those who live in humid climates know how quickly bread can go, with just a few little spots arriving mere days after opening the package. It’s not fair! However, if you keep the bread in the refrigerator, you may be surprised about how long it can last. Instead of having to eat the half dozen bagels in even fewer days, you can have them around for weeks.

Meats ‘n’ Cheeses

These are some of the hardest bits of foodstuff to keep fresh. They seem to have the shortest shelf-life of any product because they are so susceptible to spoiling and not surviving the week in between food shopping trips. That late-week sandwich is no doubt going to be without one key ingredient you were really craving especially hard that time. However, with a little ingenuity you can increase their life span. You can buy a sealing machine from a place like The DIY Outlet and really seal the meats and cheese in tight. It’s the contact with air, not the age, that gets these foods turning south quick, so if you can get rid of all the air and seal them air tight, you will see an incredible increase in how long these can stay in your fridge and provide sandwich goodness, especially that late night return home hunger binge.

Hot Sauce

It’s a common misconception that you have to keep hot sauces like Sriracha or Frank’s Red Hot in the fridge. Not only do you not have to, but you shouldn’t do it. It doesn’t keep them fresher. You should keep your hot sauces in a cupboard or ideally right on the table.


If you put some rice in your salt shakers, the rice will absorb moisture and allow the salt to be in its separate granules for all of the time it’s in there. That’s all that causes your salt to clump: moisture in the air. Luckily that moisture will get snatched up first by the rice, leaving your salt unaffected. And also luckily, rice does not come out thru the salt shaker’s holes. Winning situation for all!

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