Insight Into The Types Of Cream Separator Available

The growing concern for health and hygiene has popularized the intake of skimmed milk, purified wholesome milk and cream. Physicians are advising in favor of skimmed milk for its various benefits. Some of the advantages of skimmed milk are its low fat content and its inclusion of proteins, vitamins, minerals. It is devoid of hydrogen peroxide and other additives.

People like body builders, vegetarians, and those with high cholesterol level can benefit immensely, from drinking skimmed milk. In addition, skimmed milk and cream, with low fat content, can be used for preparing cocktails, whipped cream, low fat yogurt and so on.

Specification of Manual Cream Separator                                                                                         

There are two types of cream separator available in the market. These are differentiated by their operation method. One of the types is manually operated while the other is run by electricity. The separator, which is operated manually, holds a relatively low tank capacity.

Moreover, the revolution speed available in these machines is also less than the electric types. The containers are available either in high grade stainless steel or aluminum. It is suitable for domestic, as well as, commercial purposes. Small farms and dairies possess this type of milk separator.

Advantages of Electric Separator

The electrically driven milk-cream separator is generally found in industrial dairy farms. These are naturally capable of processing a large quantity of milk, almost 1000 liters, in an hour. These are provided with multiple discs and can simultaneously separate raw milk into cream and skimmed milk. In the process, these are also capable of purifying the final product.

The best part of an electric separator, even if it is for domestic purpose, is that it is designed to clean the milk of any possible contaminations.Because it is essentially bought for commercial purposes, the durability and resistance to corrosion are essential qualities you should look for in a cream separator.

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