How to replace old windows?

Everything has an expiry date, and same is the case with your windows. When the windows of your house have lived their life, it is necessary to replace them with new ones. Old windows have loose locks and stubborn window panes and these things are quite problematic. So if your windows have lived their life, go for their replacement.

Measuring for replacement

The first and foremost step is taking the measurement of your window space, and you have to do it very carefully and accurately, because in case of any error you would not have proper fitting. An improper fitting would definitely kill the purpose of window replacement. So, measure the dimensions of old windows very carefully.

Take out the sash

Now take out the old sashes and prepare room for the new sashes. It is basically the old sashes that are problematic. First of all unscrew the sashes, and then remove the sashes from downside up.

Remove the scrap

Next step is to remove all the scrap related to old windows. When you are going to replace your windows, it should be a complete replacement. So completely wash out all the ruminants of old windows.

Prepare the frames

Preparation of the frames is most crucial in this procedure. Frames should be prepared exactly according to the measurements that you have taken priory. Prepare all dimensions exactly to have perfect fitting. But the best idea is to get prepared frames from some company that boasts excellence in this realm.

Prepare for insulation

One purpose of the windows is to provide sealing from water, heat and cold. It is very necessary to cover the window spacing with some insulating material to minimize heat, and water transfer.

Caulk the opening

When you are installing windows for the first time, this step is not important. But in replacement cases, this is very important. You need to cover the openings that the old windows have left behind. You can do this with the help of elastomeric caulk.

Install the window

Here comes the final step i.e. installation of windows. Window installment must be done from the inside of the house. Firstly, stand inside; then put the window on the lower surface which is prepared already, then fix slowly from the upper end and finally press it forcefully to the exterior framing.


This is post final step actually. Screw the window frame properly on its place along with other necessities. After that caulk up the gaps left, wash any stains that are left on the surface of window or sash, paint the surfaces if necessary and your windows are replaced finally. Enjoy the new look of your home. A proud explorer of digital community and an opinion maker in everything related to the home improvement.

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