How to prevent and deal with drainage problems

Almost every home experience the most common plumbing problem of blocked drains. However the question remains as to how does the drain get clogged?? The answer to this question is quite simple. The drain suffer from blockage due to the inappropriate manner in which they are used by the home owners. Items such as tiny food particles, grease, bundles of hair and many other things go down the drain pipes along with water. These are some of the things that cause the brain to block. No matter if it is a clogged sink issue or is a bathtub drain problem, if taken some responsible steps and measures this situation can be easily avoided. If not, then you may have to take help of Toronto drains repair. Following are some prevention tips that are recommended by professionals.

You can start by avoiding pouring some things in the sink such as grease. Cooking grease should never be poured in the kitchen sinks as this is one of the major victims that hardens after a while and causes blockage. Another thing that causes same issue is left over coffee grounds, and hence it is best to throw them in dustbins rather than in kitchen sinks. This basic change in your routine can save you a lot of trouble.

Most people miss out on cleaning the floor drain strainers and this area gets overlooked. This area causes blockage because of the hair buildup and soap residues. Since one cannot avoid using soap in the bathroom, it is best that you must clean this strainer at least once in a month so that they do not create any blockage. Also, many people think that since their shower drain or kitchen sink drain is working perfectly, it does not need any cleansing. However, when you do start cleaning, you will notice the surprising amount of debris that will fish out. Function on the outside does not necessarily mean, functional on the inside as well.

There is another myth in the minds of people that the more chemical cleaners they use, the cleaner their drains will stay. This is not true at all. Chemical cleaners are very harsh in nature and needs to be used in moderate amounts, or else they can cause harm rather than serving the positive purpose. The chemicals tend to react with the iron, brass or steel pipes and can result in corroding them, which then demands to be replaced or repaired with the assistance of Toronto drains repair professionals. For this reason, it is suggested that chemical cleaners should always be your last option while dealing with blocked drains.

As a substitute to the harsh chemicals that are available in the market, you can utilize bleach to clear the clog. Simply pour the bleach in the kitchen sinks and let it stay there overnight, which helps the buildup or debris to loosen up in the pipes. In the morning flush hot water in the sink. This will clear away all the minor clogs.

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