How to choose the architect

ARCHITECTS – Having a good home and depending on your taste and lifestyle, probably the dream of everyone. Things like this can not necessarily be seen when we bought the house N “. Because buying a home so that means we use the concept and structure of others. In reality, love the design and style you have. Then , how to have a house that became our dream? The thing with mengonsep, design and build ourselves a house.

Took the building designer (architect) that can transfer the ideas and desires into the design of the building. When choosing an architect who is really good, the ideal image of a house that is in our mind can become a reality.

The architect responsible for designing everything related to the design of the building until it converts into a building. Includes the monitoring process until the building as well.

The task starts architect customer requests or orders. Then mengonsep customer requests and wishes in a design based on the science of standardized architecture. In this process, the architect will advise clients on the shape of the building, in accordance with the wishes and the state of the soil texture.

When the project was approved by the client, then there is no contract with the client to see the project become a building intact. The contract contains all the rules on the process of making buildings.

Selection of an architect who could translate our desires, of course, is not easy. Here are some things you should do before choosing an architect who mengonsep your home or building.

1. Recognize the styles of architecture to achieve at home. You can choose an overall style, and style of Europe, Middle East, or pendoponya typical Javanese style with form, and so on.

After determining what the style, then choose an architect who could translate the will and the style you specified above. The more clearly the desire and the style you want, the easier it is to get architects to design the building.

2. Every architect, in particular, those who already have experience, will have its own unique style that has become his trademark. More information about the works of architects choose. Please make a selection of the architects who have a style in accordance with the wishes and the style you have. The relevance of this will further increase the likelihood of achieving their style of your dream home.

3. A good architect will do everything possible to translate the desire and strength in design. If you decide to choose an architect, then the process is even necessary discussions and good cooperation between you and the architect. frequent discussions and exchange of ideas for architects really understand what you want.

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