Hide Your Flaws

Let’s face it, we can’t all live in our dream home. In fact, it is nearly impossible to have the perfect home. Instead of constantly trying to fix our home’s flaws sometimes it is just easier to hide them. If you are renting a space or simply cannot fit a renovation in your budget it is nearly impossible to fix every flaw. Rather than fixing everything we have come up with a list of ways to hide the flaws you can’t fix. These are easy solution that can mask the problems.


If you are renting a space sometimes the most obvious flaw is ugly light fixtures. Homeowners of older places often encounter a similar problem or suffer from too little lighting. Whether you have ugly lighting or too little lighting you can easily fix this without changing all your light fixtures. If you are in a rental, ask your landlord if you can replace some of the least appealing light fixtures. If your landlord does not want you to replace your light fixtures or it seems like too much of an expense consider a nice floor or table lamp. This can bring much needed light to the room and you can take it with you if you ever move.

Small Spaces

If you have a cramped living space try placing a mirror on the wall. The mirror will give the appearance of more space without occupying whatever precious little floor space you have left. The addition of a mirror is also a great way to reflect light into a darker space. Placing a mirror on the wall behind or a opposing a light source will help to brighten the space.

Stark White Walls

Many new homes or rental spaces come with stark white or beige walls. Rather than painting every room in your home try using other ways to bring color to your space. Bland walls gives you the opportunity to include bright and exciting accents. If you want to bring color to your walls but can’t paint try using removable wallpaper. You can cover your entire wall in this wallpaper and not worry about your landlord. If you move out you can simply take it with you! If an entire wallpapered wall seems like too much you can use the wallpaper to make panels along the wall. This adds interest without overpowering.


Flooring is extremely expensive to replace. If you have ugly floors or just floors that echo sound, simply add an area rug and non slip rug pad. The addition of an area rug is a great way to distract the eye from any ugly flooring. You can also bring a personal touch to your rental by adding an area rug that you love. Adding a rug pad will help to add comfort and reduce noise traffic. This is aexcellent addition to any rental space because every footstep will be muffled rather than magnified.

This is just a short list of easy tips that mask the flaws you can’t fix. If you are ever stuck in a place where you can’t fix every flaw, don’t fret, simply follow our easy tricks and you will be well on your way to your dream home.

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