Foundation Repair and Waterproofing Services in Ottawa

Do you experience the wet floor or wall that is caused by pipe leaking or water permeate from ground? If yes, then you need to call the foundation repair and waterproofing service. If you live in Ottawa, the Renco Foundation is the best waterproofing Ottawa that you will find. It can help you in waterproofing your ground or foundation in order to minimize the water leaking to your house. With the sophisticated tools and machines, supported with professional technicians and workers, the company can help you to solve the water leaking problem in your home.

This company is also the best Ottawa foundation repair that you will find. It uses nice trick to cover up your problem. For the first action is by excavating the foundation to start the waterproofing process. Then it followed by reparation if any serious case happens to your foundation. After that, adding footing bevel ad installing blueskin waterproof membrane to the foundation wall for better protection. It is followed by adding a protective platon membrane and installing a new drainage tile.

After that, your house will be leaved exactly the same as before or maybe even better and of course with the new waterproof foundation to avoid any water leaking. So, you don’t feel worry again to find your floor or wall getting wet because of water leaking.

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