Create a bamboo part of your life

Bamboo has many advantages compared to conventional wood or steel on top.Instead of other materials would you choose? For example, it is faster than any other plant on Earth regenerates and is one of the strongest building materials. Bamboo durable, and many other features that help keep our environment clean and healthy. It is made of bamboo, which makes them a better investment two distinct advantages, they are strong and clean.

Bamboo plant growing in our world is strong. With more than 1,500 species, the plant can regenerate virtually any weather. It is solid and greater compression, making it firm and solid materials. This means that the bamboo an inch to an inch of steel in more pressure. By weight, 26,000 pounds per square inch tensile strength superior to mild steel / bamboo inside the class, compared with 22 000 / mild steel in a class of PSI is. Bamboo Hiroshima atomic blast closer to ground zero than any other living thing survived the bombing of Hiroshima in 1945 (why bamboo), subject to first re-greening. Exceptional strength and durability of bamboo in many industries to develop better and stronger products. Furniture made of bamboo longer than those made of wood or other material. In addition to durability, bamboo is an important role in our environment. This brings us to the next and very important advantage.

NASA in a recent report shows that the Arctic region, we have 60% of the ozone layer (like bamboo) is lost. This layer becomes thinner with each passing day, and we must take action now. Solution: Green products. We need to start thinking before you buy.Alarming situation here, now affecting us. Reduced oxygen levels in some areas where the plants start missing. Bamboo sequesters carbon dioxide from the air and produces more oxygen than equivalent stand of trees. This feature contributes to our air quality, because a large number of bamboo almost everywhere in the world. There are many other features and benefits that trees and bamboo plants have than metals.The discovery and use of environmentally friendly products that we will improve the state of the planet in which we live our commitments.

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