Chicago Cleaning Services Cost

Paying for Chicago Maids can be a good investment. With the professional service, we don’t have to think about home cleaning and allocate our time and energy to another thing like job or children. If this is our first experience on using a maid service, then we might not know the budget we have to allocate for the service. Here is the info on the maid service budget if we are living in Chicago. The price of the cost we should pay depends on the home size. The standard 1,400 square foot home requires about $75 to around $100. The home is usually having three average size bedrooms and two bathrooms.

What services can we get with that budget? The standard services of Chicago Cleaning Services are vacuuming and mopping the floor, dusting, disinfecting and some other standard services. There should be no extra budget such as for cleaning supplies purchasing because the entire supplies will be provided by the maid service. The cleaning schedule can be adjusted with our want. It can be once a week, once in two weeks, once a month and so on. We can also ask the maid to come daily if we want to. It depends on our need and budget.

Now what if we want a deep clean? Deep clean can be done weekly or monthly and if we want to use this extra service, then extra budget is needed as well. If we are having the standard three bedroom and two bathrooms, then deep cleaning will cost us about $170. We can also ask the maid to clean the refrigerator. It will cost about $5 to $10. The Chicago Commercial Cleaning prices are prices in 2010 and it is possible that the price is increasing now. If the price is too expensive, then we don’t have to worry because we can make a comparison and choose the company that serves affordable price. However, we should never choose the super cheap service without good reputation.


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