Best Ladders for You Home

Ladders are one of those staple products that almost everyone has around the house. But what type of ladder is really most useful in the home? Most ladders are bulky and hard to store, so if you’re going to give up your valuable garage or shed space to one, you should know what kind tends to be the most useful for homeowners.

For most people, a standard folding ladder is the first thing they consider buying. And in the world of ladders, it really is a classic. It’s hard to go wrong with one. They easily fold in half for easy storage, they’re very stable, and some even extend to reach even greater heights. They’re perfect for working on the roof or when you need to access tree branches that are high off the ground. You can safely use them with just one person. These types of ladders are perfect for DIY projects and are available at

Another great option is a three or five way ladder. These ladders can be used in multiple ways. They generally can be leaned directly against a wall or loft. They can also be used as folding or extending ladders. Five way ladders usually feature a metal platform for standing that extends between two sides of the ladder. This is perfect for painting or working on the outside of the home because it allows you to walk back and forth and access a larger area than you can on just a folding ladder.

The least desirable type of ladder tends to be a simple, standard, non-folding ladder. These ladders, which are usually just leaned against something before being climbed are probably the least safe ladders because they do not have as much support and are more difficult to use without a spotter present.

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