Beautiful Home Design

Mungkin can be found on the main page looks so dirty. Decorate for you not to be a designer. You can do this as long as accompanied by the courage with affordable accuracy.
Do not underestimate the role of the main page, it is partly because as a result of the overall design of your home.
Some tips you can do this:
1. Do not arrange a series of plants too close, because the future will be like number of parking, the latest way to make the park look cheap Small narrow YOU. Make the arch width wide cheap.
Allow only slightly from the beginning, but stay with inexpensive wide coverage Always put in, your imagination Preview park wide. Plant a tree, it is the best way of expression.
2. Do not plants, such as a straight line, which, if in fact the goal of becoming YOU THAT AS A linear rectilinear cheap can also neatly illustrates the well-manicured gardens. Then ensure that the orderly pattern: What is your goal.
3. When buying plants of all kinds, not just buy a piece of fruit is soft and healthy. Think big with excess Crop type less. You can place a group, a group of five or three of cheap Next structure of the plant continues the same. This forms the rhythmic repetition of good will give sight to the Yang.
4. Do not be afraid There will be a greenish Simple. Reward yourself for foliage texture value of various forms of cheap, including various forms of plant Rimbun cheap trees.
About Backyard home, you can put one set of furniture such as chairs, cheap sofa table. This furniture will work if you kept the family together tea, or greet old friends who come to visit.
Choose the type of teak furniture made of wood or wicker, because more resistant to heat and cold weather. BUT, do not rule out, if you want to bring a cheap soft couch convenient for your home page.
Teak Furniture Care is also equated with Outside In furniture, such as cleaning up a song lap cheap Dust furniture with a special liquid.
Some of the vintage furniture can also customize the layout of the garden. For example, choose a style antique furniture (Victorian style), with carvings and sculptures foot table / chairs, if the garden flowers rely more nuances you a lot, or if available in early classical style home in fact.
Very cheap wooden furniture cheap furniture comes to you with a love of nature together. Choose the design simple wooden vine motif C FOR impression of more expensive natural earthiness (Furniture Store). A modern minimalist style can also be used in parks, on grass a lot more trees, plant a little cheaper.

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