Add Versatility to Your Outdoor Living Space

Typically, the first step a homeowner takes toward increasing their outdoor living space is to add a deck to their home. A deck is a good starting point, but it can actually turn out to be the beginning of the creation of an outdoor living, dining, relaxation and entertainment area that you can enjoy throughout the year. A custom deck builder can help you in selecting the best deck design for your home. They can also assist you in finding ways to increase the versatility of your outdoor living space.

Creating Shade

In most situations, the weather conditions have an impact of how much enjoyment you derive from your deck. It may be that the sunlight actually adversely affects your opportunity to relax or entertain on your deck. When you custom design your deck, you can incorporate shade structures into the plan. Pergolas and trellises add character to your outdoor space. They can also provide some shaded areas where you can escape the hot sunlight on a summer day. You can add vines to your trellis that will add privacy and beauty to your deck space.


A growing trend in outdoor living designs involves the addition of a gazebo to the end of the deck. A walkway often connects the gazebo to the main deck. The gazebo enables you to escape the hot sun or to seek refuge from the rain. If you want to experience the epitome of relaxation or take a romantic evening to a higher level, spend some time in your gazebo on a rainy afternoon or evening.

Gazebos were originally used as a detached structure place in the yard. If your landscape allows, you can design a walkway across your lawn that leads to a gazebo. A gazebo is an excellent place to host a party. When the weather is too chilly for spending time in the gazebo, it can become a decorative feature in your landscape design. Whether you decorate it for the holidays, a wedding, a birthday celebration or simply as a focal point of your lawn, a gazebo can enhance the appearance of your landscape.

A professional deck builder can help you choose the materials and deck design that will enhance the exterior of your home. You can toss out creative ideas to them and they can help you turn those ideas into a reality.

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